Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Tank Top Story

You may remember that I was nearly at the finishing stages of my pink knitted tank top.  Well,
here it is!

You will have to bear with the fact that every picture I take appears to show a different shade of pink - nothing I can do about this, let's just blame the sunlight (or lack of it, more like).

Here is a slightly closer look at the cables.  You will see that the twists on either side of the central column are irregular, just to confuse the knitter who is trying to simultaneously watch some telly :-)
I always sew my seams with a mattress stitch, as it gives a lovely 'seamless' appearance,

Where is it?

The seam is actually where my needle is, above

Mattress stitch is worked from the right side.  As you can see above you simply catch two strands of wool between stitches on one side, then repeat on the other, a bit like a ladder, going back one pace each time (i.e. 2 stitches forward, one back on the other side). 

But I know you all want to know what it looks like with the pink skirt ... well, let's see shall we?

(sorry about the discarded clothes on the bed!!!)

And from the other side (so you get to see the laundry bin once again).  Quite by chance, the skirt I took off in order to put the pink one on also looks good with it too!

Hurrah!  A successful knit, although it probably won't get much of an airing until Spring comes and warms us all up by about 10 degrees.  By the way, the pictures above show a much better likeness of the colour, which is a lovely raspberry pink.  For anyone remotely interested, this pattern came from a pattern book called "Rowan Pure Wool Family Collection, by Sarah Hatton" and was knitted in Rowan Pure Wool DK.  It took just over (annoyingly) 5 balls, so 6, which at roughly a fiver a ball is £30 of anyone's money. 

I guess knitting isn't really a cheap hobby these days, if you go for pure wool you are going to have to pay for it.  However, you do get to enjoy knitting it and then wearing it, which is really twice the enjoyment.  Plus it's a unique piece and will last forever.  Don't quite know why I'm trying to justify it (it's not as if husband is reading this) but if you compare it to say, a night at the pub, a meal out or even a week's worth of fags, it's pretty good value and it keeps me off the streets at night ;-)

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