Thursday, 6 February 2014

More knitting

Yesterday I wore my new pink ensemble to my knitting group and it was, I have to say, well received.  It's always so nice to share home-makes with people who really appreciate the time and effort involved in making a garment - and even nicer when they actually like it!  So thank you, lovely ladies, for your compliments :-)

But what's next on the needles?  It's funny but I've always had a secret urge to make something orange.  It's not a colour you tend to see much of in the shops, which makes it all the more appealing to me.  Funnily enough, it's not that easy to get orange wool either (surely I'm not the only person who likes orange???), but thankfully Sam at the wool shop pointed me in the right direction.

This is a Rowan Wool Cotton (no, not cotton wool!), a 50% blend of each and so is perfect for a Spring cardigan.  Now, I do have a thing about cardigans, preferring a cardi to a jumper any day of the week as they are so versatile and easy to throw on.  However, after a recent shopping disaster involving the returning of 2 cardigans to Boden (birthday pressie), I am beginning to learn that it's only a certain sort of cardigan that really suits me.  Because I am a pear shape and therefore have a relatively thin waist, anything too boxy or too long makes me look huge.  Therefore, I need something which falls just below the waist and is nicely shaped/nipped in to give the definition.

This cardigan is an old favourite - a pattern I've used before from a pattern book which is literally falling apart and is currently held together with sticky tape!  Really it's a simple raglan design but with a long ribbing which gives the cardigan a 50's vibe and really emphasises the waist.  Having said that, I won't be doing quite as much ribbing on this one as I seem to remember that the last one I made had the unfortunate effect of looking as if the two sides would never be able to meet in the middle, as the ribbing pulled the front apart to such an extent!  So, less ribbing than specified, but still more than is usual.

So rows and rows of stocking stitch, here I come.  Perfect for a wintry evening of knitting in front of the old goggle box.

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